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I have been building homes for many years and I am pleased to offer you the latest in product design and quality workmanship. My grandfather built homes in the 1930’s mostly from stone that look as good today as they did then. My father carried on the tradition and of course now I am the third generation of homebuilders in my family. I learned early on to always take a great deal of pride in my work and have long ago committed myself to the creation of a quality home that would last my customer a life time.

This commitment flows to the personnel I choose to do business with such as the material suppliers, subcontractors and vendors that provide many of the materials and specialty work incorporated into the structure you see. All of us know the home you purchase will provide you with good value and many years of lasting satisfaction.

Many hours of planning and design went into these homes long before any soil was moved for the foundation. Utilization of the building site by careful layout and positioning is the first and most important step in yielding a house that is positioned logically to its surroundings. Room layout follows as the family’s priority and demands are addressed for the final floorplan that just seems to work comfortably. Features are added, window placement, structural elements, and special trim and details to provide that unique look only a custom home can provide. I have often heard that my homes look more expensive that they cost.

No single purchase in our lifetime is as important as that of our home. It provides us with the basic need for shelter but is also a large part of our identity and individuality. I treat my occupation seriously but enjoy my craft as an avocation because there is nothing else I would rather do. Please take your time to review my work. I am very interested in your candid remarks as customer feedback – essential to the continual updating and improving of any product. I appreciate your time and hope that you will become one of my satisfied customers.

Dennis Thomas


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